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Gluten Free Dining

If you're looking for a safe meal away from home, having some good, reliable gluten free restaurant reviews can be invaluable. 

I think like most celiacs, I don't eat out a whole lot, I’m most comfortable eating in my own home where I can control the ingredients and cooking methods.   But it is nice once in a while to delegate that job to someone else; to sit back, order a nice glass of wine and be served.  I've assembled this collection of mini gluten free restaurant reviews in order to share my dining out experiences and hopefully help you to decide which establishments you might like to try.

It's mostly the big chains out here in the ‘burbs' so I've started with them.  Over time though I've discovered few private establishments.  I’ll update this page with my impressions as I try different spots.  Ratings are based entirely on my own experience as a gluten free diner and mostly in the locations near my home.

References to Help You Find Gluten-Free Dining Options

If you want a quick reference of who in Ontario has a gluten free menu, here is a good page to check.  Also, many restaurants now post allergy guides and include “wheat and gluten sources” as an allergen so check those out too.

Another good reference is Find Me Gluten Free.  It's an app you can download to your phone so where ever you travel you have a resource for gluten free restaurant reviews and recommendations. 

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Trattoria Gusto - Port Hope Ontario 
This little gem is in the Waddel Hotel at the very bottom of downtown Port Hope Ontario. My husband and I have made this our special occasion restaurant. …

Burro Taco Burlington - Dedicated Gluten Free! Not rated yet
Burro Tacos Location: #4-480 Brant Street South, Burlington, ON On an afternoon trek to Burlington to check out a gluten free bakery, my son Julian …

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Naturally Gluten Free Restaurant Reviews

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Casual Atmosphere and a Dedicated Gluten Free Menu at Arthurs Pub

Arthur's Pub

Location: 930 Burnham St, Cobourg, ON


Arthur’s Pub is close to home for me, but I only discovered it a few months ago.  Boy, was I missing out! The atmosphere is classy yet casual, the food and service are good, and they have a dedicated gluten free menu!

It's hard to find a place with a dedicated gluten free menu these days.  Most are going for the little "GF" or a symbol in the margin of the regular menu.  

hotel entrance to Arthur's Pub at Best Western In Cobourg Ontario

I get it.  It’s easier to present all the special diets on one menu, but for those of us with celiac, having our own menu just makes us feel safer.  It makes us feel like they’ve put some thought into this, and they know what they’re doing.

For my full review of Arthur's Pub, Cobourg, ON go here


Blu Star Grill Offers Safe Gluten Free Dining and Farm to Fork Quality

Blu Star Grill

Location: 120-A Market Place Ave, Mooresville, NC


How do you feel when you walk into a restaurant and it’s super busy?  I get mixed feelings.  I think “the food must be good” but then I think “Is the kitchen too busy to take care with cross contamination?”

Blu Star Grill at night from street.

We stepped into the front entrance and heard the bustle of a huge party at the back of the restaurant.   The hostess was friendly, looked me in the eye and smiled despite the fact that they were clearly very busy. Good first impression. She told me the party was almost done and asked if we’d mind waiting at the bar for a few minutes. 

For my full review of Blu Star Grill, Mooresville, NC go here.

Boston Pizza Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Road Trip Gluten Free Dining

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is kind of my go to place.  If I'm in a strange town and I want a good, stress free meal that I don't need to worry about, there is almost always a Boston Pizza to save the day.  In fact, I’d say they are ahead of the crowd when it comes to a casual dining spot that is mostly pizza / pasta catering to the gluten free customer.  They have a number of "Glutenwise" pizza and pasta options.  Also, staff and managers are knowledgeable about gluten issues.  And the best part is, of all the times I've eaten at Boston Pizza I've have always enjoyed my meal and always felt fine afterward.

I understand from internet research that they use “Gluten Wise” as opposed to gluten free because these items are prepared in the same kitchen facility, so there is still opportunity for cross contamination.  This is always a risk when eating in a restaurant and it seems to me they do take reasonable precautions.

Naturally Gluten-Free Rating - three stars - good food, good menu selection, good service

Would I go again? Absolutely!

What's your favorite road trip gluten-free restaurant?  Leave a review here.

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Canada's Wonderland -  Gluten Free Review

Gluten-Free Theme Park Experience

Canada's Wonderland

Pleasant Surprise at Canada’s Wonderland: 

 I don’t usually have high expectations going to places like theme parks.   However I thought I should share an unexpected positive experience I had this past weekend at Wonderland.  The Back Lot Cafe has gf personal pizzas, burritos, chicken fingers and fries.  The best part however was the young man behind the counter who served me.  Perhaps low expectations are the keys to a positive surprise.  When I asked for a gluten free burrito, he immediately asked me if I had an allergy.  When I said yes (Celiac isn’t technically an allergy but I’ve learned to let go of that) he immediately changed his gloves, asked if it was okay to heat my wrap on the grill so long as he covered it with paper, then proceeded to make me a delicious chicken burrito with black beans, guacamole, salsa, rice... and the best part is, I felt fine afterward.  Go Canada’s Wonderland, and thank’s for educating your staff about special dietary needs!  Check out the options here:

Do you have a theme park experience you'd like to share.  Go here and tell us all about it. 

Craving Gluten Free Fish N Chips? Try The Captain's Table

The Captains Table

21 Main Road, Route 10 – Irish Loop, Mobile, Newfoundland


When I found out The Captain’s Table served gluten free fish & chips, there was no holding me back!

Crispy batter and Atlantic cod that tastes like it was just plucked from the ocean, and probably was. If you’re like me, fish & chips is a rare treat. Few places do a gluten free version, so when I get the chance, I take it.

The Captain's Table sign

We’re here in Newfoundland on a little summer holiday. After spending a few months this past winter in Tampa, we decided to keep our summer vacation dollars in Canada and visit our most easterly province...

For my full review of the Captain's Table go here...

Casey's Roadhouse Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Lunchtime Shopping Stop

Casey’s Bar and Grill 

There is one in the local mall here so it’s my lunch stop while shopping.   They have a pretty generous array of gluten free options that are incorporated into the regular menu.  I usually get the Pad Thai because it’s really really good.  Staff is friendly, service is good.  No complaints, and the food court is definitely no competition! 

Naturally Gluten-Free Rating - three stars - good food, good menu selection, good service

Would I go again?  Yes for sure.

What your favorite lunch stop when you're shopping?  Leave your own review here.

Chanterelle Bistro Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Fine Dining With a Small Town Twist

Chanterelle Bistro

Address: 33 Division Street, Clarington, ON, L1C 1N1

Spoiler alert, this is my new favourite spot for a special night out.  It’s privately owned, situated in Bowmanville, Ontario.  I’d call it fine dining with a small town twist.  The setting is elegant, yet quaint.  The service is good.  Prices are up there for this area, but compared to other higher end establishments, not so bad.  And certainly nothing compared to the city.  

Now to the food.  The food is a-a-a-mazing!  Jim and I went there for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago.  When I let the server know about my diet issue, she went and spoke with the chef and came back with the message that anything on the menu could be made gluten free.  A moment later she came back with a plate of rice crackers and humus, since I couldn't have the bread.  It's the little thoughtful touches that matter.

I had the duck confit, hubby ordered veal tenderloin.  The first bite from both of us elicited an “! This is amazing”.  We barely spoke though the meal beyond various sounds of satisfaction like “mmmm”  and “mmmm”.  Did I mention that the food is amazing?

The wine list has a good selection, along with the name brand beer you would typically find.  I chose the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc which paired nicely with the duck.  Hubby's a beer drinker and he's happy if they have his favourite brand, which they did.

We finished off with the crème brulee which was beautifully rich and creamy with a perfect crust of caramelized sugar on top.

A lovely dinner, a lovely evening!

Naturally Gluten-Free Rating – five stars - great food, good service, excellent menu choices.  

Would I go back? Soon I hope.

What's your favorite fine dining establishment.  Go here to tell us about that special place.

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Doc Ford's Gluten Free Menu Combines East Coast Comfort Food with Caribbean Pizzaz

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille, St. Pete’s Pier

Location: 610 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL

Doc Ford's Restaurant St. Pete's Pier, Florida

When does a restaurant recommendation from a friend ever work out us Celiacs?

“You gotta try this place” they say, and it turns out they don’t do gluten free.

Doc Ford’s was recommended by a friend, so I wasn’t too hopeful, but when I checked them out, I was as happy as a dog with two tails!  Not only could they accommodate me they have a dedicated gluten free menu!

For my full review of Doc Ford's, St. Pete's Pier, go here.


East Side Mario's Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Some Things are Worth a Second Chance

East Side Mario’s 

Updated review:  Tried East Side's again recently and actually upgraded their rating.  They have a new gluten free menu and it's actually pretty good.  The pizza is thin crust and tasty and I had absolutely no problem afterward. 

As a casual dining spot with a comfortable atmosphere, a nice patio for a summer sangria and in the case of the one near me, it's close to the cinema so makes for a good dinner and movie spot East Side Mario's is a good choice.  The GF menue has a number of items that look appetizing.  I'll definitely go back and try some of them out.

Do you have a go-to casual dining spot?  Let us know about it here.

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Gluten Free Dining at The Fish Exchange in St. John's

St. John's Fish Exchange and Wet Bar

Location: 351 WATER STREET, ST. JOHN'S, NL


The Fish Exchange in St. John’s Newfoundland refers to itself as casual dining, but in my books, it’s a bit more upscale. 

St. John's Newfoundland

Located harborside on Water St. in the heart of St. John’s, the Fish Exchange has an impressive selection of items marked gluten free on regular menu.  Of the 38 menu items listed, 25 of them are “gluten friendly” or can be prepared gluten friendly if you ask.  How often do you find such choice?

For my full review of The Fish Exchange go here.


Jim's Pizza & Pasta Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Limited Choices - But Heck, We're Here For The Pizza

Jim's Pizza & Pasta

Jim’s Pizza – Port Hope

22 Walton St., Port Hope, ON

You can often tell how good a place is by how hard it is to get a table.  Jim’s is tiny and it’s always packed!  Luckily they have take out so if you call it in you can pick it up in about 30 min.  They deliver too.  In the restaurant, it takes a bit of time to get the food to the table; likely because the kitchen is so busy handling take out as well as eat in orders but I say it’s worth the wait.  A far as the menu goes, gluten free options are limited but who cares, you go there for the pizza and they have a great gluten free pizza crust.  One problem, just try to walk down the north side of Walton Street without being drawn inside by the aroma, I dare you.

Naturally Gluten-Free Rating – four stars

Would I go back?  I have several times.

What's your best loved gluten-free pizza place?  Give us your tips here.


K.B. Foods Whitby - Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Farm to Table in the Burbs

K.B. Foods

Address:  120 Brock St. N. Whitby, ON

This restaurant is located in downtown Whitby (just east of Toronto) where Chef and Owner Kevin Brown has made a real mark in the restaurant scene with his slightly more upscale yet casual establishment.  He makes a conscious effort to support neighbouring farmers as evidenced by his menu which changes on a weekly basis to take advantage of the freshest ingredients available.  In fact Chef Brown has supported the local farmers for quite a number of years, even before it was fashionable.

We went with the group of thirteen, which was a little tight in the small dining room.  However the service was good, our waiter was very knowledgeable about the menu and wine selections, and my celiac was easily accommodated. 

The wine list is reasonable extensive with a good selection of domestic and imported vintages.  The choice of beers was a bit disappointing.  There are a few specialty selections, but to ignore the staple Labatt and Molson products in a largely blue collar suburb is an oversight. 

Most in our party enjoyed their meals though my husband reported his pheasant was a bit dry.  I had the wild boar.  It was very tasty if a bit on the fatty side.  It was served with candied heirloom beets, batons of carrots and peppers on a bed of sauerkraut with an onion and apple braising sauce draped over the chop. I wanted to pick up the bone with my fingers to chew off every last morsel of meat, but refrained.

This is a lovely spot for an evening out if you’re looking for something a little on the trendy side in the heart of suburbia. 

Gluten free restaurant review, four stars.  Would I go back?  Yes for sure but will have to find another dining partner as my meat-and-potatoes-bud-light-drinking hubby was less than impressed.

Do you have a great farm-to-table spot to recommend?  Tell us about it here.

The Keg Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Reliably Good Steak House Experience

The Keg: 

For a nice dinner out, this is one of my favourites among the chain restaurants.  I’ve never been disappointed in the food, and as soon as I let them know about my need to a gluten free restaurant meal, I’ve always felt very well taken care of.

They don’t have a specific gluten free menu, but they do have a nice list that shows what menu items are gluten free and which ones can be altered to be gluten free.  I think I like this better and there are actually quite a few choices.  Here's a link to their homepage.  From there choose menu then breakfast, lunch or dinner and you'll have an opportunity to download a list of gluten free choices.

I’ve had the lobster dinner, crab, arctic char to name a few items.  All were stellar!  We went there for my birthday and since I can’t have cake, they brought me a Crème Brule.  It was awesome!

The wait staff each time I’ve visited have indicated “gluten allergy” on my order so the kitchen staff know to be extra careful, and I’ve never had an issue.

Gluten free restaurant review - four stars - great food, good menu selection, great service

Would I go again? Absolutely!

Do you have a steakhouse that fills your gluten-free needs?  Leave a review here.

Kelsey's Gluten Free Restaurant Review


This as you may be aware is a more casual spot.  We go there sometimes for birthdays or an informal meal out with friends.

The wait staff is friendly and accommodating.   Some are knowledgeable about gluten but not all.

As far as gluten free restaurant meals go, there is no gluten free menu but there is an allergy guide that shows which menu choices have gluten.  Choices are somewhat limited but there are a few things.  I’ve had the Greek  Salad and substituted the chicken for grilled salmon because I’m mistrustful of chicken in chain restaurants.  I’ve also ordered just a baked potato and salad in the past and that makes a nice meal.

Our last visit was less than a total success but it worked out fine in the end.  The salmon I ordered was seriously over cooked.  I used to be the type who wouldn’t say anything, but I’ve changed my tune on that.  Restaurant meals are expensive and I’m limited in what I can order, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask for it to be prepared properly.

The manager came out an apologized, replaced my meal and offered me a free dessert.  Sadly there is nothing on the dessert menu I can have so I gave it to one of the kids.

Gluten free restaurant review - two stars - okay food, limited menu selection, good service

Would I go again?  Probably.  It’s a family favourite and it’s convenient.  For a gluten free dining experience though I wouldn't say it’s stellar.

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Madoc Dairy Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Dug In and Made it Work!

Madoc Dairy

Address: 203 Russell St., Madoc, ON, K0K 2K0

I'm including this as an example of how good things can happen in an unlikely situation if you explain your needs and the establishment cares and is willing to work with you.  We were driving along highway 7 on our way home from Renfrew ON.  Starving and looking for a spot that the rest of the family would like and that would be safe for me.  Choices were slim.  We stopped at this little road side spot, not expecting much, and our expectations were greatly exceeded!  The food was really good.  Roadside diner style of course: burgers, fries, various sandwiches, salads. But the test of a good restaurant, as you and I know, is when a patron has a special need.  Pretty much everything on the menu had bread incorporated in some way.  So I explained to the waitress that I have celiac and need a gluten free meal.  She didn’t really know what that meant so I went on to say that I can’t have wheat (rye or barley rarely comes up in this situations) so that means no bread, my food can’t touch bread and it can’t touch a surface that anything breaded or battered has been cooked on.  This lady dug in! She started brainstorming the items on the menu with me and ways they could make them gluten free.  We came up with a bunless bacon cheese burger (she double checked with the kitchen that the burger was pure beef, no fillers) and a house salad.  She had my burger cooked in a separate pan, not on the grill, and we chose a salad dressing that I knew to be gluten free.  A successful meal and this weary traveller left satisfied.  Left a good tip too ;)

Gluten free restaurant review – three stars.  Would I go back? Yes.

Have you had an experience with a spot that's really worked with you to make it right?  Tell us about it here.

Montana's Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Good Menu Selection, The Staff Get It.

Montana’s Cookhouse

I've updated this review and improved the rating.  Things have improved in the whole gluten=free dining game and Montana's has come a long way.  This has become our casual restaurant of choice when dining out with friends.  They don’t have a specific gluten free menu, but they have a little icon on their menu that highlights “gluten friendly” choices as well as a pretty comprehensive nutrition and allergy guide that highlights "wheat and gluten free choices.  This is nice because it's much easier than having to go through a long list including every sauce and dressing to figure out what you can eat.  The ribs and steak are gluten-free as well as most of the sauces.  The corn bread sadly is not so hubby gets that.  The servers happily bring it on a separate plate so no cross-contact.  Add in a baked potato and salad and you've go a good, hearty meal.  

Gluten free restaurant review - four stars - good food, good menu selection, good service

Would I go again?  Yes

What's your spot for a fun night out with friends.  Leave your review here.

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Olympus Burger Gluten Free Restaurant Review

You Have to Go Here When You're In Port Hope, Ontario!

Olympus Burgers

55 Mill St. S., Port Hope, ON

This is rare find and Port Hope’s award winning pride and joy. Voted Canada’s Best Burger in Canadian Living magazine and featured on “You Gotta Eat Here”, what more need be said?  It’s a gluten free burger lover’s Mecca that’s what!  They have gluten free buns; all of their toppings are gluten free.  They even have gluten free fries!  Yes you read that correctly.  They have a dedicated fryer for their french fries so there is no cross contamination.  The owner George Kallonakis obviously takes pride in his establishment and the food he serves as he’s been there every time I have (confession, that’s quite a few times) welcoming customers with a friendly smile and bussing tables. The staff behind the counter greet you with a smile, are happy to explain the menu options and deliver the food to the indoor table or the outdoor patio piping hot and juicy delicious.

Naturally Gluten-Free Rating – five stars

Would I go back?  I think I covered that already ;)

Have you been to Olympus Burger?  Do you have a favorite gluten-free burger joint?  Leave your review here.


Rendez-Vous Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Amazing Food in a Tucked Away Spot

Rendez-Vous Ethiopian Restaurant

Address:  1408 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON

This is a little gem tucked away in the far reaches of the Danforth in Toronto.  My daughter and I stopped here for lunch one afternoon that we were in the city.  It was recommended by a classmate of mine who did an ethnic foods project on Ethiopia. 

Rendez-Vous is a small, intimate spot.  The atmosphere is casual and fun and the staff are friendly and happy to help if you need any explanation of the menu items.  Though there were just two of us, we noticed the other patrons in larger groups and were definitely having a good time.  The decor is bright oranges and yellows and though I’ve never been to Africa, it does seem reminiscent of a sunset on the Sahara (though only the eastern region of Ethiopia is dessert).  The art-work also gives an authentic feel.  Paintings mirror the theme colours and photographs smile broadly at you from over the bar.  It’s nothing fancy though.  The bar facia could use a paint touch up and the washroom though clean, features a flower arrangement that could use some attention from the vacuum.

The food is really the star attraction.  Like many non-European ethnic  options, Ethiopian food does not rely heavily on wheat  flour so you’ll have lots of options here.  Be sure to ask for the teff injera though because they do make one from wheat flour.  Not all the choices on the menu are gluten-free so let your server know about your needs.  We ordered lamb tibs with a vegetarian assortment as recommended by our server.  The food comes dotted in little mounds on a huge plate lined with injera and a plate of injera on the side.  Eating is a communal activity here as everyone eats off the same plate, tearing off pieces of injera to pick up bits of the saucy, flavourful fodder.  Whether you prefer mild or very spicy, you’ll find something here as they cover the full range.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary and feeling a bit adventurous, give this African gem a try!

Gluten Free Restaurant Review – Three stars.  Would I go back?  That’s a big YES!

What's your favorite tucked away gem that no one else would know about.  Tell us here.


Salad King Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Simple, Popular, Good Food.

Salad King

Address:  340 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

This trendy thai restaurant is my university age daughter’s favourite place to eat in the city.  Like her its young, its artsy and urban.   Designed by students, the long tables and uncomfortable chairs are more reminiscent of a cafeteria than a restaurant.  Yet the witty remarks stencilled on the walls and the row of private stalls behind the door marked “true happiness  this way” (all washrooms should be like this.  Who ever thought separate common rooms with a skirt on one and pants on the other was an efficient use of space) along with the clamour contribute to the contemporary atmosphere and frankly, I like it too.  The prices are reasonable, the food is good and the downtown location is convenient to everything in the city that matters.  The menu clearly marks the items that are gluten free with little wheat icons.  All in all it’s simple, it’s popular and it’s great.

Gluten free restaurant review – three stars.  Would I go back?  Yes, of course.

Do you have a spot that simple, young and contemporary?  Tell us about it here.

Schooner's Fish & Chips

Address: 1337 King St. E., Oshawa, ON, L1H 1J2

Just when you thought you could never again have those crunchy melt in your mouth, drip down your chin English style fish and chips, along came Schooner’s. This is a little privately owned establishment n the edge town, between Oshawa and Courtice in Ontario.  They are actually certified gluten free!  They have a whole separate section of fryers for their gluten free menu items which include the fish and chips of course, plus gf tartar sauce, gravy and a few other items as well.  Definitely a find and definitely worth visiting!

Gluten free restaurant review – four stars.  Would I go back?  Yes, often.

Shoeless Joe’s 

This is one that's been inconsistent at best.  I tried it a few years ago as another dinner and movie spot for the “Girls Night Out”.  They had a dinner and movie special though you had to order specific items.  Since I can’t have any of those items, they did still provide the movie ticket at their price which is a little less than the box office.  Little accommodations like that go a long way in my opinion.  They don't have a specific gluten free menu, but do have an allergy guide and a few gluten free choices.  They are quite accommodating if you ask.  I’ve had the Pad Thai.  The standard version is not gluten free but they prepared it gluten free for me.  It was very good.  I’ve also had the baked salmon and it was good too.  A few more visits uncovered the inconsistencies.  A couple of times items we ordered were unavailable, other times the food was just not great.  My husband and I decided to give it another try just a few weeks ago and were disappointed.

Gluten free restaurant review - two stars - inconsistent food quality, okay menu selection, mediocre service

Would I go back?  Not high on the list

Southern Fresh Serves Down Home Gluten Free Comfort Food

Southern Fresh
Location: 122 3rd Avenue, Safety Harbor, FL

Southern Fresh Restaurant Safety Harbor Florida

It doesn’t get homier than this.  Southern Fresh offers gluten free comfort food in a tiny converted bungalow just steps off the main drag in Safety Harbor Florida.

At the end of a sunny day sightseeing in Saint Petersburg, Hubby and I stopped to visit friends who’d parked their RV just up the road in Clearwater.  For dinner we needed a place not only with gluten free options, but close by.  My friend’s puppy wasn’t feeling well, so she didn’t want to leave him alone for too long.

For my full review of Southern Fresh Safety Harbour, FL go here

South Street Burgers

I know, Iknow.  I’m all about the healthy stuff.  But don’t you just get the craving for a burger and fries once in a while?!  I dropped my daughter off at her job at South Street Burgers today and she treated me to dinner.  Guess what!  It was really good.  Their patties are gluten free, their fries and gluten free (done in a separate fryer from anything battered) and they have gluten free buns.  The atmosphere is definitely casual burger joint.  Kind of warehouse-ish with ceiling beams and ductwork exposed and lighting that’s designed to look like hanging lightbulbs.  The burger was nice and juicy, a good selection of topping and the New York fries were hot and crispy.  And their beef is raised without hormones or antibiotics.  Bonus!  What more could you ask for?  Ok and the service was pretty awesome too ;)

St. Louis Bar and Grill Gluten Free Review

Ask Every Time and Take Nothing for Granted.

St. Louis Bar andGrill

This is casual dining; a good spot for wings and a beverage after a round of golf.  It's a great example of "ask every time and take nothing for granted!".  I'd been to a particular location several time as I was assured that the wings were done in a separate fryer and were glute free.  They even did nachos for me in the wing fryer so they would be gluten free too!  What a bonus!!  However, I visited another location, assuming it would have the same set up and, it's a good thing I asked because they did not.  Their fryer was share.  Also, be sure to ask for the allergy guide as not all the sauces are gluten free and let the server know that you are on a gluten free diet. 

Update: This is location specific so be sure to ask.  I was recently in a St. Louis location that only had one fryer so the wings there are not gluten free.

Gluten free restaurant review – three stars.  Would I go back?  I'd call first to check on the fryer situation.

Where do you do for wings?  Have you had an experience where one chain location was gf and another was not?  Go here to tell us about it.

Stone's Throw Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Used to be Good, But They Gave Up On Us.

Stone's Throw Pub & Grill

Address: 39 Martin Rd., Clarington, ON, L1C 4W6

Stone’s Throw:

Updated Review.

I’ve been there a few times and originally wrote a very positive review.  This was one of the first local restaurants to offer a gluten free menu and theirs was especially unique in that they offered gluten free burgers and fries cooked in a dedicated fryer.  At the time, to have found a restaurant where I could order a burger and fries made me feel like I’d died and gone to heaven. 

Unfortunately they have changed their menu and the number of gluten free options is quite reduced.  They have the standard salmon offering and a Pad Thai and I think one or two other items but I can’t even verify on the website because gluten free fare is not even mentioned, or at least not that I can find.  I had the Pad Thai which wasn’t bad.  With so many restaurants offering gluten free options these days I was disappointed to see this one, which originally led the way, taking a step backward.

Naturally Gluten Free rating - two stars

Would I go back.  Meh.  It’s handy, right between Oshawa and where I live in Port Hope and the food is fine but I wouldn’t necessarily seek it out.

Where do you go for pub fare?  Give us your recommendations here.

Swiss Chalet Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Chicken is Gluten Free But, Not My First Choice, or Second, or Third

Swiss Chalet 

Went there recently for a family gathering.  Honestly I’ve never really been a fan.  I don’t know what people see in that Chalet sauce.  I had steamed vegetables, no sauce and a salad with plain oil and vinegar.  The staff was not knowledgeable about gluten but the waitress was certainly friendly and made every effort.  When I asked about a particular sauce, she checked with the kitchen.  They didn’t know if it was gluten free so the server brought me the bottle so I could check the ingredients.  In all fairness, their roast chicken and ribs are don’t contain gluten so if you like that, you’ll likely be fine.  

Gluten free restaurant review - one stars - okay food, limited menu selection, good service but limited knowledge

Would I go again?  Probably not, unless I'm out-voted by the family ;)

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Table + Loft

Whether you sit at the bar that he sourced from the wood from an old box car or on the bustling sidewalk patio, you’re in for a unique 'city meets small town’ experience... more

Update:  I'm sad to report that the Table + Loft in Port Hope has gone out of business.  What a disappointment!  The food was great.  I'd read some reviews that the service had started to go down hill and in several cases that menu items weren't available.  The restaurant business is unforgiving for sure!

That's My Spot Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Just Okay, Limited Choice, Slow Service

That's My Spot

680 Longworth Avenue, Bowmanville, ON

Popped in here the other night as Hubby and I were looking for a bite before heading back to the Port and wanted to try something new.  A friend had mentioned this so we decided to check it out.  We were greeted by a gentleman whom I believe was the manager.  I asked about gluten free options and after checking with the kitchen he said that I could have a steak.  Normally I’d have left to find something that gave me a bit more confidence but I was hungry so decided to give it a try.  When I opened the menu I found a few other item’s that had a gluten free indicator so I felt a bit better though perplexed by the fact that person who greeted and seated us didn’t seem to know the menu and didn’t seem familiar with gluten.  Five years ago that may not have been so strange but gluten free has  been in the forefront of food news and controversy long enough that anyone in the business should be aware.  Even more perplexing was the fact that the steak was not one of items marked gluten free on the menu  I ended up ordering Pad Thai, which wasn’t bad.  Overall the service was slow, the food was okay and I felt fine afterward.

Naturally Gluten Free Rating – two stars

Would I go back? Probably not.

Tim Horton's Gluten Free Review

The Coffee's Gluten-Free

Tim Horton’s 

Well, the coffee is gluten free ;) and they used to have these little macaroons that weren't bad but they discontinued those.  They don’t have lactose free cream or milk though so I need to carry my own.  Yes I’ll continue to go to Timmy’s for coffee, I’m Canadian after all.  There are a few other menu items that don’t contain gluten: the chili, the turkey and wild rice stew and the potato bacon stew.  It doesn’t strike me as an environment that is going to be very careful about cross contamination however so I think I’ll pass.  Tim Horton’s even suggests that anyone with a food allergy refrain from consuming their product.

Gluten free restaurant review - one star - very limited menu selection

Would I go again?  Of course…eh – but just for the coffee.

Do you have a coffee or lunch spot to recommend? Tell us about it here.

True Food Kitchen Makes Healthy Whole Food that's Gluten Free

True Food Kitchen - Midtown Tampa
Location:  3645 Midtown Dr., Tampa, FL

True Food Kitchen Gluten Free Restaurant Review - True Food Kitchen Midtown Tampa

I’m so excited to be writing this review as I’ve literally waited 10 years to try this restaurant!

I came across Dr. Andrew Weil’s cookbook, True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure when I was a gluten free newbie and hungry for any help I could get. I knew that I needed to let go of packaged processed ingredients and embrace real whole foods.

As I turned the pages I encountered a food philosophy that I recognized from the family farm. Like my grandparents, Dr. Weil and his partner Sam Fox embraced fresh, organic, local ingredients as the path to health. But this was different. It was complex and beautiful and elevated.

I wasn't very many pages in when I knew I needed to visit a True Food Kitchen.

For my full review of True Food Kitchen go here.


Urban Herbivore Gluten Free Review

Vegan, Local, Knowledgeable

Urban Herbivore

It's been several year's since I've visited, but I've left the review up because I was very impressed at the time.  They had locations at College St. and in the Eaton's Centre, but it appears they've scaled back to just the Kensington Market location.

As the name suggests, this is a vegan restaurant in the heart of the city.  This place walks the walk.  They make everything from scratch and according to the website; most ingredients are local and organic. 

Although vegan and gluten-free are not the same, I find vegan places take their food seriously so when they offer gluten-free options I tend to trust them.  When I visited there the food was great and the staff were knowledgeable about gluten.  

If you're in Kensington Market, this is definitely a place to check out.

Gluten free restaurant review – three stars.  Would I go back?  Yes, looking forward to it.

Do you have gluten-free vegan spot that you love?  Please share here.


Would a Place Called Wheat Penny Have Gluten Free?

Wheat Penny Oven and Bar
Location: 515 Wayne Avenue, Dayton, OH

Wheat Penny Gluten Free - Front of Wheat Penny Oven and Bar in Dayton Ohio

Three weary travelers stumble into a place called Wheat Penny looking for a gluten free meal.

Even after 11 hours on the road, the irony wasn’t lost on us either.

Why, you’re asking, were we even thinking we could get a gluten free meal at a place called Wheat Penny?  Of course there’s a story.

For my full review of Wheat Penny Oven and Bar go here

Woah Dough Bakery Review: Your Guests Won't Guess It's Gluten Free

Woah Dough Gluten Free Bakery

200 Byron St. N

Whitby ON

Marilyn Campbell and Bill Sutherland with their Woah Dough products.

Imagine serving delicious baked goods to your guests that they don't even suspect are gluten free! That's the goal at Woah Dough Bakery, gluten free that doesn’t taste like gluten free. 

I’ve put that to the test.

If you follow my social media, you know that I'm a new grandmother, so baby shower guests seemed like the perfect guinea pigs... I mean participants, eager to try Woah Dough's fare and give me honest feedback. Afterall, I haven't had a real pastry in over a decade, so how could I judge?

For my full review of Woah Dough Gluten Free Bakery go here

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