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You want to learn about gluten free alcohol?  I think we could be friends :)

The internet is a great source of information and you can quickly look up any brand on your phone.  By all means do that.  I'm going to try not to duplicate here what you can easily find elsewhere and I see no need to try to make an exhaustive list of gluten free alcoholic beverages.  Instead let's have a discussion about gluten free alcohol, I'll share my approach and lessons learned, and I'll provide some links to material that's already out there.

"I've recently been diagnosed with celiac disease, I'm going out with friends, what can I drink?"

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On every gluten free forum I've visited over the years, someone eventually asks this question.  And every time I visit someone's house for the first time I hear "what can you drink?"  After all, we all still want to have a good time and share a beverage or two with our pals, but we need to be smart and safe.  The good news is, there is  a lot of gluten free alcohol to choose from and most of what you can have is readily available.  The bad news is, depending on what you like, you may have to give up some favourites.  The other bad news is, like everything else in our celiac or gluten free world, the gluten hides where you might least expect it and mistakes can make you wish you were only hung over like the rest of the people from last nights party.

Let's treat this like an adventure. 
Get educated and set off in search of new favourites... 

Gluten Free Alcohol: Some Personal Advice

The very first and most important piece of advice I want to give you is one that I've had to learn the hard way.  Listen to your body!  There is a lot of conflicting information out there about celiac disease and what's safe and what you'll read about gluten free alcohol is no exception.  Do your research, but if you have a few sips and something seems off, just set it aside and try something else.

The second key piece of advice is; be as vigilant about your drinks as you are about your food.  If you're out at a bar or restaurant and order a mixed drink try to watch them make  it if you can.  If that's not possible then be clear about your needs and ask again when your drink is delivered.  "This is rum, not rye correct?"  "This is the Polar Ice vodka not the Grey Goose right?"  "You remembered to leave the Worcestershire out of my Caesar yes?"  Mistakes happen and in the busy atmosphere of a bar or night club it can be even more hazardous. I don't know how many times I've had to send a drink back because I got the wrong thing.  And after you've had a few yourself it can be harder to taste the difference.

More Gluten Free Alcohol

What could be bad about that haha...If you'd like to explore gluten free alcohol a bit further, follow the links below:


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