Burro Taco Burlington - Dedicated Gluten Free!

by Patty
(Port Hope, ON, Canada)

Burro Tacos
Location: #4-480 Brant Street South, Burlington, ON

On an afternoon trek to Burlington to check out a gluten free bakery, my son Julian and I decided to hang out at the waterfront, enjoy the view and stay for dinner.

Burro Tacos is a handy three blocks up from the pier and my “Find Me Gluten Free” app listed it as “dedicated gluten-free.” Sold!

We were greeted at the door of a narrow, quiet, paneled room and shown to a table by the window. Day of the Dead style paintings of skeletons on the patio wall, one holding a bottle of Canadian Club, gave the impression that the late-night scene was far more festive. We were offered a signature margarita to start.

The menu is divided into “Tacos” and “Not Tacos.” Clever and informative. We both opted for tacos.

The pulled pork ones were juicy but a bit bland, though the cabbage and crispy fried shallots gave a nice crunch. They were served on metal holders, but with no plate, leaving the juices and toppings to spill directly onto the table. “More napkins please.”

Next came the Achiote chicken taco, featuring chipotle mayo and pickled red onion. Ah, there’s the flavor. Julian had the “Cease & Desist”, a mix of ground beef and pork with cabbage, cheddar, hot sauce, crema, pico & cilantro. He approved.

Our server was friendly and helpful. The first course came quickly, but the second not so much. I was beginning to wonder if we’d been forgotten. The bill came promptly but once paid, they seemed done with us. No smile or wave goodbye.

Would I go back? If I find myself back in Burlington, I will give Burro Taco another shot. The pros outweighed the minor faux pas. And dedicated gluten-free is a huge pro!

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