One Minute Meals

One Minute Meals are quick one minute videos of easy, flavourful and most importantly gluten free recipes and meal ideas

Gluten Free Chana Masala

A great way to enjoy naturally gluten free fare is to explore international cuisine. Like many Indian dishes, Chana Masala is naturally gluten free. The moment I first tasted this wonderfully aromatic blend of spices and chick peas I was hooked. I make this regularly. It's wonderful right off the stove and only improves with a little time in the fridge. So make lots! Go here for the recipe: 

Gluten Free Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce.

Garden fresh cherry tomatoes are the star of this show. Perfect with pasta or over garden fresh cauliflower, this gluten free sauce practically makes itself. The richness of the oven roasted tomatoes is what makes it truly unforgettable and the ease of preparation is what will make it your favourite.

Gluten Free Personal Pizza

This one doesn't really have a recipe.  Your imagination is the only limit.

Gluten Free Corn Bread

This One Minute Meal is really more of a side. It's great for breakfast with fruit or bacon and eggs or as a substitute for a dinner roll. I love it as a snack with maple syrup. For the full recipe click here: GF Corn Bread

Braise Honey Garlic Sausages

Braising is a wonderful and simple way to bring out the depth of flavour in your meat and create a rich savory sauce that will bring you back for seconds (if there is any left)

Go here for the full recipe

Sweet Chili & Ginger Chicken Wings

This One Minute Meal is the perfect game night crowd pleaser. 
Sooo simple, sooo delicious

Go here for the full recipe

Baked Breaded Whitefish

Another for the One Minute Meals series.

This quick easy breaded fish recipe uses gluten free bread crumbs and substitutes coconut milk for the eggs.  This is great for anyone who is sensitive to eggs.  

Go here for the full recipe

Maple Curry Brined Chicken Breasts

Brining is the secret to this juicy, tasty, slightly spicy gluten free chicken breast.  Give it a try and I bet you'll not only come back for seconds, you'll be inspired to try your own favourite flavours.  So easy!

Go here for the full recipe

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