The G Free Diet:

A Gluten Free Survival Guide - Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Center Street; 1 edition (May 4 2009)


The G-Free diet: this was the first book I read after being diagnosed with celiac disease and it took me from panic to a feeling of “I’ve got this, it’s doable”.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View shares her personal story of unexplained illness, to diagnosis, to how she manages all of the day to day challenges of life with celiac disease.  She provides anecdotes, insight and a good dose of practical advice for all the various food related situations you may find yourself in.  Everything from holiday dinners with her Italian family (imagine having to refuse Mama’s pasta!) to restaurant meals, snacks while you’re going about your day and living with a family that still loves their gluten.

In the G-Free Diet, Hasselbeck’s advice is friendly and conversational.  She tells her story with wit and charm that make it both entertaining and informative.  She reminds us that there is no room to be timid where your health is concerned.  Make sure your friends, family, co-workers, restaurant serving staff; anyone who might be involved in your food preparation knows about your condition, understands how serious it is and all the little sneaky ways gluten can get into your food.

There is good advice on beauty products as well.  Even though gluten may not be absorbed through the skin, anything you put on your body has potential to get in whether it’s your lipgloss from licking your lips or your hand cream that’s transferred to the sandwich you just made.  She provides some product recommendations and advice to always check with the manufacturer.

I recommend the G-Free Diet for anyone who just starting on the gluten free journey.  It will bring up points that you may not have thought of on your own and will definitely make you feel like you’re not alone.

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