Meals That Heal Inflammation:

Embrace Healthy Living and Eliminate Pain, One Meal At a Time -  Julie Daniluk, R.H.N.

Random House Canada (Dec 27 2011)


Meals That Heal Inflammation: I absolutely LOVE this book and I’ve recommended it so many times to people who are having stomach issues but can’t seem to pin point the cause.

Julie Daniluk is a Canadian nutritionist, author and T.V host.  Her personal story of living with food sensitivities almost from birth give credibility to her story and the work that she’s dedicated her life to.  She really does understand what you’re going through!

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I came across a signed copy of MTHI (Meals That Heal Inflammation) in a Chapter’s store in Toronto about a year before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  My symptoms weren’t as severe as many people, certainly not as severe as Julie’s, but yet I knew something wasn’t right with my stomach and my sytem in general.  I had a burning in my gut most of the time along with acid reflux that made TUMS my bedtime snack.  Irregular bowel movements and a vague feeling of nausea with occasional bouts of real pain.

Sadly, when I first read the book, my reaction was that changing my diet in this way was too drastic a change.  I led a busy life and just couldn’t picture making this sweeping transformation.  So I lived with the pain for another year before finally going to the doctor and being diagnosed with Celiac disease.  Talk about your drastic change.

Now MTHI has become somewhat of a daily manual for me.  It has everything from common sense nutritional advice that cuts through the latest fads and focuses on real science to meal plans and recipes that make eating healthy nothing short of fun and delicious. 

My new favourite chapter (I discover things every  time I go back to the pages of MTHI) is the one on teas.  It’s winter in Canada as I’m writing this and there is nothing more soothing that a hot cup of tea.  MTHI has a helpful section on which leaves and roots will soothe your tummy or help you pump up the energy.

You'll also find helpful chapters on digestive enzymes and probiotics and quizzes that will assist in your detective work and lead you to your own conclusions about your health and the healing diet that's right for you.

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