Printable Gluten-Free Food List

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Each month I'll send you updates from the scientific community, there is always lots going on in celiac disease research and gluten-free living.  I'll also include a featured article from the website and a featured recipe for you to try.

You know I love to keep informed of what's going on in food and science, even if it's just tangentially related to our gluten-free lifestyle.  I'll share what I'm reading and pondering with you so you can check out the resources for yourself.

Click on the image above to download your FREE Gluten Free Food and Substitution List.

I think you'll love this and find it very useful. 

  • Keep it handy as a reference when you're cooking. 
  • Stick it to the side of your refrigerator. 
  • Keep an extra copy in the car to take grocery shopping with you.

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