Awesome Omelette

The simple omelette.  Naturally gluten free and a silky smooth, high protein, so simple part of a gluten free breakfast.  You'll want one every morning.  And the best only takes a few minutes.

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2 eggs

Dob of butter

shredded cheddar or whatever your favourite cheese is (optional)

salt & pepper to taste


There are a few tricks here to make it perfect.

The first is don't beat the eggs.  Just mix them up a bit.  your omelette should be mottled with white and yellow.  Not just yellow.

Secondly, don't add anything.  No milk, no water. It actually takes away from the texture of the egg.

Thirdly not too much heat.  Cook on med to med / low.  If you overcook it the eggs become dry and rubbery.

1. Melt butter on med to med / low.  Don't let it brown

2. Pour the eggs into the pan.  Let them set a bit on the bottom

3. Mix them up a bit so they cook through.  This is important.  If you just let them sit your omelette will over cook on the bottom and still be runny on top

4. spread back out in the pan.  Grate your cheese on top.  The omelette will finish cooking while you're doing this.

It's done when everything holds together and it's sill moist on top.

5. Loosen the edges with a spatula.  Lift the pan.  Fold the edge closest to the handle over to the middle.  Then while holding the edge of the pan over the plate, move the omelette just over the edge of the pan and roll it over on to the plate.

Serve with gluten free toast, or just a little fruit or salad.

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