Gluten Free Meals

What’s for dinner?  That’s really what it comes down to isn’t it?  We can talk about diets and nutrition and what’s good and what’s bad, but the rubber really meets the road when it comes to putting a meal on the table.    And when you’re making such a fundamental change, it can be a bit overwhelming.  You have so many questions swirling in your head:   How do I feed a whole family when one person has a special need?  Do I have to make separate meals for myself or the gluten free person in the house?  Is it possible to juggle the needs, likes and wants of the entire family?  Where do I begin?

Relax! There is no need to panic, you’ve got this.

Having a strategy is the key!


Gluten free meals start with gluten free food.  So take some time to get comfortable with what foods contain gluten and what you can safely eat and how to navigate the supermarket.  This new diet is not nearly as limiting as you may think.


Next, set yourself up for success by organizing your kitchen.  You may need to make a few changes to basic routines, but before long the new habits will be as comfortable as the old.

The pantry will need some attention too.  Check out The Great Pantry Purge for more details.


There are many tasty and interesting ways to delicious, nutritious gluten free meals, but the basics are exactly the same as those of a good balanced diet in general. 

  • Eat a variety of nutritious whole foods and limit processed foods and sweets. 
  • Start the day with a wholesome breakfast that includes protein
  • Plan a tasty satisfying lunch so you’re not grabbing something at the last minute.  Food made at home is always best!
  • With a little preparation,dinner can be delicious and satisfying for the whole family
  • Snacks and treats are part of a healthy gluten free diet plan too!
  • Just one don't: don't go for every package on the supermarket shelf that's labelled "gluten-free".  Gluten-free does not mean calorie free, and it certainly does not mean healthy.  Of course a treat once in a while is okay but as much as possible stick with whole foods.

And Enjoy

A gluten free diet plan can be as unique and individual as you are.  I hope you will take this opportunity renew your relationship with the food you eat and build menus and meals that will excite you and leave you feeling happy, healthy and satisfied.

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