Naturally Gluten-Free Blog

Are You Offended?

I know, this is starting out to sound like one of those truly annoying Facebook posts – I am who I am and if anyone is offended by that – really, it’s not that, I promise.  This is about living gluten free in a world of people who know just enough ... more

Celiac and Other Food Intolerances

So you gave up gluten and felt much better, for a while.  Then, inexplicably the symptoms started to return.  Well maybe not exactly the same symptoms but something’s definitely not right.  more...

Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Tummy

Or What Do Cow, Babies and People With Celiac Disease Have In Common?

I’ve recently returned to an old friend.  I’m not sure why I left really.  I guess habits change over time and things that were once routine, rituals even,  get replaced...more

Traveling Gluten-Free

This may be the biggest challenge of your gluten free life.  Sometimes it seems like it would just be easier, and safer to stay home.  ...more